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Who We Are

Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc., is an award-winning small business headquartered in Brevard, NC. Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc. began its humble beginnings in 1993 with an office in a home, one woman, and a boundless vision to create on-site programs that would foster optimum health for everyone involved.  It evolved into a proven fitness phenomenon.

In fact, we still retain our first four accounts as clients 13 years later. Millennium Health & Fitness is a consortium of Fitness and Health Care Professionals, based in North Carolina, that provides health and fitness services to corporations and the government. Millennium Health & Fitness is a comprehensive one-stop health and fitness service provider.


Why Millennium

We specialize in providing customer tailored health and fitness services in the workplace. We have an extensive nationwide network of health and fitness professionals, both in the industry and academia, which allows us to provide Health and Fitness services at the local level, in a timely manner, and at a very competitive price.


We have affiliations globally and can support your wellness needs no matter where you are located.

Rigorous Fitness Center Management

We understand the industries accreditation requirements and ensure, that not only do you have highly qualified and motivated staff but that you also have Millennium’s facility management methods implemented to keep your employees healthy and safe.

Customizable Wellness Solutions

We understand you have unique needs for your employees and we offer a la carte solutions to best fit your organization.

Health Promotion Solutions

We offer virtual and on-site health promotion solutions that are customizable to your organization's needs - from Health Coaches, Registered Dietitians, to group exercise instructors- we have a dynamic wellness solution for you.

Millennium Health and Fitness