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With advances in technology and changes in the way we do work, more and more people are teleworking every day. Teleworking offers many benefits, but with the benefits come some challenges. Join us to learn about how to manage these challenges and optimize your health while working from home!

Office Ergonomics & The Home Office by Marty Dagostino – Available On-Demand

Standard furniture and seating in the built work environment are often real assets in promoting office ergonomics. The ubiquitous shift to remote and home work- that has followed the pandemic- have thrown workstation predictability under the bus. This class will focus on basic office ergonomics principles with the goal of assisting the home computer worker in getting to a more efficient work set-up.

Are you interested in joining the Wellness Team at your site? See POCs listed below:

Indianapolis: Lora Clayborne,  Joshua Adams

Cleveland: Mark Mikkola

Columbus: Kimberly Lafferty

Rome: Bethany Evans, Kristen Szarek

Limestone: Kaitlin Bernaiche, Candyce Marsh

Texarkana: Cassie Blackburn, Tiffany Clayton

Mark Center: Ana Fernandez  

Europe: Sara Vanderwyst 

Japan: Lynne Keith

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