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Meditation Monday: Body Scan

Monday, October 17th On Demand

If you are like many people, you probably feel as if you live more in your head than in your body. Through a body scan meditation, you can begin to understand how stress and anxiety can affect you and your body and learn how to live better — even when you are experiencing illness or physical pain. The body scan brings attention to different parts of the body, beginning with the feet and ending at the top of the head.

Stretch Break: Face and Neck

Tuesday, October 18th On Demand

We know daily stretching promotes flexibility and range of motion about the joint and can promote strength. But did you know other factors can influence chronically tight muscles? Genetics may play a role if you have chronically tight muscles or are perhaps too flexible about a joint. If you find you have an area (s) of chronic tightness even after stretching, compression foam rolling, and mind body movements, you may have a genetic propensity toward increased muscle tone.

Meditation Wednesday: Belly Breathing

Wednesday, October 19th On Demand

Belly breathing can go by a number of different names, including diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, deep breathing, or paced respiration. They all refer to the same thing, which is to breathe more deeply into your belly. Breathing this way is proven to increase oxygen to the body, decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, promote relaxation, and stimulate the immune system.

Stretch Break: Standing

Thursday, October 20th On Demand

Sitting for extended periods of time has an overall negative effect on the body and muscle balance. Physically the body becomes tight and stiff creating negative tension often contributing to long-term pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders, and wrists. The phrase “form follows function” is often on display because of too much time sitting at a desk leads to a forward posture, rounded shoulders and over lengthening of the rotator cuff, spinal compression and a tightened core. This forward posture leads to an increased potential for injury to the rotator cuff, low back, and hamstrings.

Meditation Friday: Gratitude

Friday, October 21st On Demand

Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to you. It is also a general state of thankfulness and appreciation. Studies show that practicing gratitude daily can help you maintain a more positive mood, sleep better, improve your relationships, decrease your stress, and increase your overall satisfaction in life. It allows you to be aware of and appreciate all that you have.
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