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Counting Meditation – Available OnDemand

Sometimes it can be difficult to just sit and notice the sensations of your breath (also known as mindful breathing). One way to strengthen your mindful muscle is to do a counting meditation, which focuses your attention on your breath by counting the breaths as they go in and out. This class introduces a silent mindful meditation followed by two counting meditations.

Welcoming Sounds Meditation – Available OnDemand

Any sound can be the object of focus in a mindfulness practice. Even the most annoying sounds, like a horn blaring outside, an alarm clock beeping, or people talking, can be perceived differently when we bring mindfulness to them. This meditation begins with a focus on the breath, expands out to the body and then sounds. It encourages participants to notice sounds rising and falling and to be in a receptive place hearing whatever sounds are around- recognizing, allowing and letting them be.

Stretch Break: Standing – Available OnDemand

Join for a quick standing stretch

Stretch Break: Neck and Shoulders – Available OnDemand

Join for a quick stretch for your neck and shoulders
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