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On-Demand Certification

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Steps for Success

Step 1 : Please download the course materials.
Step 2: Watch the modules for this course below.
 Step 3: Create an account on naftafitness.org (This is where you will take your test and be able to access your certification)
Step 4: Send an Email to Registration@naftafitness.org stating completion of the steps listed above. Once we have verified you have watched the modules and created your NAFTA account we will add the Certification Test to your NAFTA account.
Step 5: Take your Certification Exam that has been added your your NAFTA Account.
Step 6: Upload a 30 minute practical to youtube and send the video link to Registration@naftafitness.org or upload and share the video via google drive to naftapractical@gmail.com with performing the course you are being certified for.
Once your Submission has been approved you will be Certified! You will receive an Email notification and you will also be able to view/print your certification from inside your NAFTA Account
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