Millennium Health and Fitness: A Fresh Identity for a New Era of Wellness

After three decades of unwavering dedication to health and wellness, Millennium Health & Fitness is embracing a new chapter in its storied legacy with a vibrant rebranding that reflects our enduring commitment to our clients’ total health.

Our journey began as a pioneer in providing comprehensive wellness solutions tailored for a diverse range of clients including corporate businesses, federal agencies, and military organizations. Today, as the world evolves, so do the needs of our community. Our rebranding is not just a change of our visual identity, but a reaffirmation of our promise to deliver exceptional virtual and in-person wellness experiences.

“As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, our commitment at Millennium Health & Fitness remains steadfast. We’re not just redefining our brand; we’re redefining what it means to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Every step we take is a step towards a future where wellness is not a luxury, but a standard—a standard we’re proud to set. Join us, and together, let’s shape a healthier tomorrow,” says Heather Collins, President of Millennium Health & Fitness.

The new logo harmoniously blends tradition with innovation, incorporating the timeless values of commitment, integrity, and total health. It is more than a symbol—it is a signpost for our journey ahead, guiding us as we continue to offer interactive client wellness portals, virtual group fitness and therapeutic wellness classes, health education and one on one coaching, and all-encompassing program management services.

Our choice to incorporate various shades of blue in our design is deliberate and purposeful. The variety of blues represents a range from calmness to trustworthiness, embodying the wisdom and dependability our brand represents. This color scheme reflects the high standards and aspirations of our brand, characteristics that appeal to our esteemed audience, which includes committed government employees, respected veterans, and experts in the government contracting sector.

The style of our logo—a fusion of wordmark and pictorial elements—speaks to our adaptability and forward-thinking approach. It resonates with the dynamic, Web 2.0 era, marked by the vibrant blue colors and a subtle three-dimensional feel, which is reflective of the innovative and progressive solutions we bring to the health and wellness industry.

Our reimagined identity extends beyond the logo. It permeates the voice of our brand—supportive, committed, dedicated, and mindful. These are not just words to us; they are the pillars upon which we build bespoke, health-focused solutions for our clients.

As we unveil our rebranded identity, we invite you to join us on this invigorating path forward. Millennium Health & Fitness remains as dedicated as ever to fostering wellness communities, nurturing personal transformations, and ensuring that if you have a wellness need, we are your provider.

Browse through our website to discover the new face of wellness and experience the difference commitment and integrity can make in achieving total health.


Eric Schnabel Joins MHF to Drive Business Growth

Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc. (MHF), a leading provider of health and wellness services, is pleased to announce the addition of Eric Schnabel to its team as Director of Business Development.  Eric joins MHF as a seasoned business development expert, bringing over 25 years of experience in aiding small to mid-size companies in federal government dealings.

A retired U.S. Army soldier, Eric has dedicated his career to national service, engaging in various roles that integrated health and fitness. His final military role involved implementing human performance initiatives for warfighters under the Secretary of Defense. Now residing in Northern Virginia with his family, Eric is a passionate golfer, enjoys quality time with loved ones, and maintains a commitment to fitness.

Heather Collins, President of MHF, expressed excitement about Eric’s addition to the team, saying “Eric brings a new vantage point and an unwavering dedication to our business growth strategy. Having been a prior service member, Eric has a mindset and determination to continue to serve the military communities and Veterans, even after retirement. We are excited for Eric to join the team and excited to continue to grow our organization with the common goal of impacting lives through Millennium wellness and health promotion services.”

In his own words, Eric Schnabel remarked, “I am very excited to be joining Millennium Health & Fitness and contributing to its mission of promoting holistic health and wellness as well as fitness. As a retired service member and disabled veteran, I am deeply committed to serving the military community and Veterans, and I look forward to leveraging my experience to drive growth and make a positive impact.”

Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc. (MHF) has its roots firmly planted in Brevard, NC, where it was established in 1993 with a bold vision: to revolutionize on-site health programs and promote optimal well-being. Since its inception, MHF has grown into a celebrated leader in the health and fitness industry, renowned for its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to serving corporations and government entities alike. With a focus on comprehensive health and fitness services, MHF is dedicated to making a tangible difference in people’s lives through its steadfast dedication to wellness and health promotion.