Eric Schnabel Joins MHF to Drive Business Growth

Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc. (MHF), a leading provider of health and wellness services, is pleased to announce the addition of Eric Schnabel to its team as Director of Business Development.  Eric joins MHF as a seasoned business development expert, bringing over 25 years of experience in aiding small to mid-size companies in federal government dealings.

A retired U.S. Army soldier, Eric has dedicated his career to national service, engaging in various roles that integrated health and fitness. His final military role involved implementing human performance initiatives for warfighters under the Secretary of Defense. Now residing in Northern Virginia with his family, Eric is a passionate golfer, enjoys quality time with loved ones, and maintains a commitment to fitness.

Heather Collins, President of MHF, expressed excitement about Eric’s addition to the team, saying “Eric brings a new vantage point and an unwavering dedication to our business growth strategy. Having been a prior service member, Eric has a mindset and determination to continue to serve the military communities and Veterans, even after retirement. We are excited for Eric to join the team and excited to continue to grow our organization with the common goal of impacting lives through Millennium wellness and health promotion services.”

In his own words, Eric Schnabel remarked, “I am very excited to be joining Millennium Health & Fitness and contributing to its mission of promoting holistic health and wellness as well as fitness. As a retired service member and disabled veteran, I am deeply committed to serving the military community and Veterans, and I look forward to leveraging my experience to drive growth and make a positive impact.”

Millennium Health & Fitness, Inc. (MHF) has its roots firmly planted in Brevard, NC, where it was established in 1993 with a bold vision: to revolutionize on-site health programs and promote optimal well-being. Since its inception, MHF has grown into a celebrated leader in the health and fitness industry, renowned for its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to serving corporations and government entities alike. With a focus on comprehensive health and fitness services, MHF is dedicated to making a tangible difference in people’s lives through its steadfast dedication to wellness and health promotion.

Millennium Health and Fitness